How do I take classes at LMC?

All classes at LMC are recorded in video format and uploaded by the professor so the student can access the lecture at their convenience.

Does LMC require Student Ministry and Student Life to accompany each class?

Yes. LMC is more than an academic institution, we are a discipleship-based, Holy Ghost-empowered, practical ministry-orientated experience designed to launch you into impactful service for Jesus Christ.

Is LMC accredited with the U.S. Board of Education?

No, but we are striving towards accreditation. In the U.S. all new colleges must first establish a program and then operate with that program at a college level for a minimum of three years to be eligible to apply for accreditation. By God's grace, we will apply for accreditation in 2024. If we get accreditation in the future, our students who went to LMC during the time of non-accreditation will receive an accredited degree in retro.

Is LMC really tuition free?

Yes. As a means of partnership during the time of us starting our first degree program and working towards graduating our first class, we want to give away the classes for no cost to the student (aside from the cost of books or study guides which approximately will be around $100 per trimester). All we ask is that the student stays committed to the program, keeps above a 2.0 GPA, and serves in their local church.

Do I need a High School diploma from the U.S.?

No, if you went to high school outside of the U.S. you can submit the diploma you have from your country. If you are from the U.S. you will need to have an equivalent replacement- like a G.E.D. We can help you with our resources to accomplish this requirement.

Does LMC accept students outside of North America?

Not at this time. We do have plans to partner with different mission groups in the future but as of now we are strictly focusing on training those in the U.S. If you are a North American missionary or living abroad arrangements can be made.

Can I audit LMC classes?

Not at this time. We do plan on making our classes open to those who wish to simply receive the knowledge, however, in this season we want to primarily focus on the actual students so we can receive accreditation.

Does LMC offer Spanish classes?

Not at this time. We hope to have these options in the future. But as of now, a student must be able to perform on a college level with the English language.

Will LMC always remain tuition free?

LMC will never receive monies from their students for tuition. At the same time, one of the reasons we desire accreditation (aside from the recognition of academic excellence) is so that the school can receive student aid, grants, G.I. Bill (and the like) from the U.S. Board of Education.

Consider the following; if and when LMC gets accreditation the school can quantify our schooling at the rate of $500 per class. Since our goal is to make LMC “essentially” free we will help the student receive whatever government aid they can receive (monies they don’t have to pay back). Then whatever remains (whether all of the amount because they weren’t eligible for any government aid or a portion remaining after they could receive it) LMC then will scholarship them with the rest as they serve in their local church (our scholarships will work with internships).

In summary; U.S. Educational Funding + Scholarship by Working in the Ministry = Paid Tuition for the LMC Student.

Does LMC pay their staff?

No, currently everyone who is employed by LMC signs our volunteer agreement and works for free. In the future we hope to be able to compensate some employees from the donations received, however, our commitment to making the school tuition free will always guide our budget.

How does LMC cover their expenses?

We receive donations from those who believe in our mission. Opportunities to give will be given in the future.

Is LMC hiring?

Yes, we are always looking for more partners! If you are interested in working for free so that we can raise up a generation of world changers, history makers, and roof breakers please click here to fill out an application.

Did we miss any? Please reach out today!